Set Bremen / The Love of Hans Albers © Zeitsprung Pictures / Michael Ihle

Film funding in Germany

The federal and state governments support the film and media industry with a strong funding system. More than 380 million Euros go into national and international film projects every year.

The federal rebate schemes of up to 25 percent - DFFF I & II and GMPF are a success story that has positive effects on the entire film industry. While the DFFF I & II and GMPF offer automated funding systems, other institutions support projects that are selected by juries, which meet several times a year.

Additionally, regional film funding institutions play an important role in the success of German films. They are based in the federal states and collaborate in the network "Focus Germany" at festivals and congresses.

For international producers there are two models to get financial support. One is to work with a studio or post production company who are eligible for DFFF II and smaller regional postproduction funds. The other way is to work with German co-production Partner which is necessary for DFFF I and regional schemes. To facilitate the search for co-production partners, "Focus Germany" publishes an up to date list of internationally experienced film producers annually.

The financial resources of the regional and national film funding institutions can be combined for financing a film. The regional film funding institutions expect an economic regional effect. Before submitting the application, we recommend consulting a film funding institution. Application forms, guidelines and submission deadlines can be found on their websites. In all matters of detail, the Film Commissions will be happy to help you.